AEON Quartz


AEON™ Quartz unites engineering + science with the vibrant beauty of natural quartz crystals to produce a sophisticated aesthetic kitchen and bath countertop surface solution.

Features + Benefits

DurabilityAEON™ Quartz is twice as impact resistant and four times (4x) stronger than natural stone. AEON™ Quartz is also virtually maintenance free and non-porous so kitchen and bath surface areas will resist scratching, staining, and water absorption and can be cleaned with extreme ease to maintain their original appearance.

Lasting BeautyAEON™ Quartz is composed of 93% premium grade pure natural quartz and 7% high quality polyester resin, delivering a surface with an extraordinary appearance and the real feel of natural stone.

EngineeringAEON™ Quartz is manufactured using internationally patented Bretonstone® Technology, and is responsibly sourced from the finest raw materials on earth. AEON™ Quartz is engineered from quartz crystals using a proprietary high-purity binding polymer and heavy metal-free pigment resin as a binding agent. It’s then compressed into slabs to deliver a beautiful color and texture similar to natural granite and slate. The difference you’ll notice is that AEON™ Quartz product colors are more uniform than the hue variations of most natural stone.

PriceAEON™ Quartz products are priced 10%-20% lower than traditional quartz products and offer savings in excess of $5 per square foot.

Color Choices

AEON™ Quartz uses only the finest quality unleaded pigments to ensure color consistency and natural beauty in several colors.

Carolina Calacatta

Frosty Bronze

Manhattan Grey

Classic White

Smoke Gray

Frost White

Carolina Marmi

Carolina Laza

Arctic White

  • 10%-20% cost savings
  • Unbeatable quality
  • Ten (10) year warranty backed by Majestic
  • 93% premium grade pure natural quartz & 7% high quality polyester resin ingredients produce the appearance and real feel of natural stone
  • 2x impact resistant & 4x stronger than natural stone
  • Non-porous, anti-bacterial and highly durable
  • Resists scratching, staining and water absorption
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Patented Bretonstone® Technology, from Breton S.p.A. of Italy, controls color variation
  • High-purity binding polymer and heavy metal-free pigments ensure beautiful color consistency and material strength

The demand for quartz countertops increased 28% during 2012-2017 and is forecast to be the fastest-growing countertop surface material through 2022, according to The Freedonia Group, April 2018 Report: “Countertops Market in the U.S.” Why? Because more builders and renovation contractors are using quartz as an enhanced alternative to granite for residential remodeling and new home construction to meet consumers’ demand for affordable and sophisticated materials that improve home value.

According to the Report, engineered stone will continue to post healthy gains, driven by:

  • its aesthetic properties and superior durability compared to laminates
  • advantages relative to natural stone such as color uniformity and a smoother, non-porous surface that is resistant to biological contaminants
  • continued market penetration in both the residential and commercial markets
  • larger engineered stone distribution networks
  • growing awareness among consumers

As an engineered stone, quartz is preferred for the unique benefits it has over natural stone, such as: attractive appearance, homogeneous consistent look, similar color and texture to natural stone, durability, and lower price point.

AEON is committed to responsible use of natural resources. Using the finest raw materials on earth through responsible sourcing, AEON quartz products are highly durable and enduring and are certified by GREENGUARD as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality that is safe, with no harmful emissions of any kind, and suitable for all interior surfacing purposes. GreenguardCertification