AEON Granite


Some of the characteristics that make granite a highly desirable stone for multiple uses in both residential and commercial interiors include:

  • Granite is a natural stone that offers an impeccable look and performance and is commonly used for building objects for everyday use.
  • Given its natural stone qualities, granite boasts a high polish shine, is water resistant and harder than marble.
  • The natural beauty of AEON Granite brings warmth, character, elegance, quality, and durability to projects for homeowners.
  • Each AEON Granite countertop brings a distinctively unique look and no two countertops are ever the same. Granite is the hardest countertop material available and withstands extreme temperatures.

AEON Granite comes from Brazil and India to provide you with a diverse selection of premium granite that is highly unique with unmatched quality and richness for residential and commercial projects.

Color Choices

AEON™ Granite offers a luxurious line of granite in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Azul Platino


Cloudy White

Cotton White

El Dorado

Glacier White

Himalaya White

Luna Pearl

Majestic Frost


New Venetian Gold

Santa Cecilia Light



Care & Maintenance

Simple cleaning requires only soap and water, but Artisan branded cleaning products are recommended for products under warranty. Professional sealing is needed every ten years, and occasional polishing may be required.

Granite countertops are easy to maintain and care for. This natural stone is exceptionally durable and strong. To keep its impeccable looks and performance, make sure to seal it once a year. When your local granite fabricator installs your granite countertops, they will seal their surface. Sealant gives your granite countertops best protection against moisture and spills. If you want to put the sealant yourself, make sure you use a high-quality product and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

On an everyday basis, clean your granite counters using a soft, cotton cloth and mild water with just a drop of ph neutral cleanser or any ph neutral liquid soap. Make sure not to use any scrubbers or harsh cleansers. If your granite is sealed properly, light cleaning is all that you need to keep it looking and performing perfectly. All types of granite countertops can withhold high temperatures, so putting hot pots and pans on them is not a problem. However, a damage is possible under extreme temperatures.